Hitch Details

One of the nice things about choosing Kodiak as your adventure trailer solution, is that you can have several options for connecting the trailer to your tow vehicle.  Whether it’s a Side x Side, Quad or other 4×4 vehicle, we’ve got the solution for you!

Each application can be very different with regards to connection to your vehicle.  Here are the different options that we offer:

The standard 1-7/8″ or 2″ ball type connection.

This type of hitch connection is found on most over the road trailers.  It provides quiet, simple connection with limited articulation.  We recommend this connection if you are predominantly using your trailer on road or smooth off road (graded roads).  Please note the 3 position draw bar.  This allows close coupling for tighter trails and the ability to lengthen for backing up.  This flexibility is definitely worthwhile when using a conventional ball type system.

Lunette Eye for Pintle Connection

This is for the die-hard off road guys that don’t mind a bit of noise in the hitch.  It is a very easy to connect option and extremely heavy duty.  It does not fully articulate, so the trailer will not be able to tip all the way over.  We would recommend this for most off road scenarios.  Please note the the tow vehicle must be heavier than the trailer so that the trailer won’t tip the tow vehicle over in extreme situations.

Price: $150.00

MaxCoupler Fully Articulating Hitch

This coupler is just what it says.  It is fully articulating.  We highly recommend this coupler for those that want the best off road hitch possible. The MaxCoupler’s patent pending tri-axis offset design allows for virtually unrestricted movement in three axis simultaneously without any binding. The design allows you to travel over almost any terrain without any worry. The Max Coupler is designed, engineered, and manufactured to the highest quality standards with a precision normally reserved for military products.  Certified in accordance to SAE J684 standards by an Independent testing facility.

Price: $225.00

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